PeopleCapital originally launched in 2001 and redefined the Applicant Tracking System experience. The software was developed by a team with extensive Human Resource Process background making PeopleCapital intuitive and easy to use for Human Resource Professionals.

In 2005, PeopleCapital was purchased by CRI, a leader in the Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) industry, and was recognized as a Top 10 product of the year by HR Executive Magazine. CRI leveraged its significant advantage with recruitment process engineering to expand and further refine the PeopleCapital features.

In 2008, PeopleCapital was purchased by Manpower, and served as an internal tool to support many of Manpower’s critical recruiting processes.

As of 2011, PeopleCapital is back to being an independent software company and service provider.

With many years of development progress and many Senior Recruiters and hiring managers utilizing the product daily, PeopleCapital continues to push the envelope and develop features that are sophisticated and most importantly, user friendly.

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