RoboRecruiter is the award-winning conversation engine that drives talent engagement.

Within a recruiter’s CRM/ATS database there is a huge amount of candidate data that cannot be taken advantage of by recruiters and resourcers. It takes time and resource to keep your candidate database up-to-date to be able to resource from this pool of talent. RoboRecruiter can, at speed and automatically, connect with and re-engage your candidates to provide you with a transformed database of active and engaged candidates who are ready to be contacted and placed into roles. RoboRecruiter can then be used to have pre-qualification conversations with candidates (new and old) to help recruiters longlist those candidates who are relevant to the role.

RoboRecruiter automates some of the more repetitive parts of the recruitment process and saves recruiters and resourcers between 43 and 110 minutes per day, giving them time back to have more meaningful and worthwhile conversations with their candidates.

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