SocialTalent – Changing the Future of Work through Learning
SocialTalent is a company that has the lofty ambition to improve the productivity of every professional worker in the world with better knowledge, tools and data to be better at what they do. Everyone has to start somewhere so SocialTalent started with recruiters and salespeople and so far turned nearly 15,000 recruiters and inside sales professionals from companies like Cisco, Intel, GE, Manpower, Randstad and Pontoon into Ninjas! SocialTalent’s platform is used in over 90 countries by more than 1,000 companies and their blog is read by nearly 100,000 recruiters and salespeople a week.

SocialTalent’s learning platform gives you all the help you need to become a master recruiter. Not only does it teach you all the tricks of the trade from world renowned recruiting experts, SocialTalent will help you practice what you’ve learnt while you work.

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